Friday, April 13, 2007


哈哈…昨天错把“爆料”写成“报料”;“劲爆”写成“劲暴”… 真是歹势… 呵没人留言纠正哩… 多谢各位手下留情

Anyway 又要爆料了… 最新一期的星期5周报有提到小寒一位非常优秀的学生! 哈哈~ 不过要看清楚日期,别像我一样买了上星期的!*晕* 所以严格来说,我也还没看到报导

OPEN HOUSE 11 am-5 pm

Hi all,
So touched.. sob many of you interested in lyrics-writing too..
Instead of conversing through the comments column (of course, please still continue doing that) or writing emails to me, how about talking to me face to face?
This coming Sunday, is FM Pop Music School Open House. I will be there to answer all your questions regarding the lyrics-writing course, and simple enquires on other courses offered by FM POp Music School.
So all of you guys and gals out there who is interested in learning lyrics writing (or melody-writing or stage presence or singing or keyboard or guitar), why not come down to

110 Middle Road, Chiat Hong Building, 7th floor.
Opening hours 11 am- 5 pm.

Our location is actually opposite NAFA, and across the road from TCC cafe of Bugis Junction (Fish n Co that stretch). Look out for a THIS fashion, walk along the building, you will see one "Chiat Hong" building, press "7" and Wala! You will see me sitting in front of the door.


手痒又來搗亂了... 繼續 practicing 中..


改編自阿沁 [梵谷的左耳]

作詞:阿沁 作曲:阿沁 編曲:Martin Ting
改編詞: 你可曾

金黃色弓箭 黑暗中閃耀
天真的以為 丘比特忘了他的誓言 

含糊的語言 沒人听得見
接受与推卸 一日之中 翻覆地演變 

誰拿起武裝配備 誰拉起他的弓箭
誰又躲在角落邊 靜靜的等著 好戲上演

我像瞎了眼的射手 誤闖你的戰斗
拼命想要逃走 引來矛頭
這是糊涂虫的結局 踏進亂箭射區
刺穿我的心里 應聲倒地 

你是准确的神射手 輕易被你射中
壓著我的傷口 不知所措 
仿佛忘了時間溜走 走不出這陰謀
雙手還在顫抖 左閃右躲

我像瞎了眼的射手 誤闖你的戰斗
准确的神射手 非你莫屬