Sunday, December 24, 2006

Welcome Funkie Monkies Productions Newest lyricist

Let's have a round of applause for Nicole Chen, our newest FM lyricist!

I have to sign her, guys from my first batch will agree.. right?


Happy Birthday!~

Paiseh arhh.. for not informing u to put on makeup. But thats the point of our TOP SECRET MISSION! Hehe.

Here's ur presents from FM08/06L + Wendy.

English Wiki Article

If u search for xiaohan and get the solar term page, pls click the disambiguation link. It'll bring u to another page with other uses of xiaohan and from there u can link to this page. Anyway the one on top is the direct link. Searching with XiaoHan (exact capitalization)will bring u direct.

Chinese Wiki Article

This chinese one to get the exact article from the search engine a bit tricky. Cos I cant capitalise chinese characters, I have to add more words behind to differentiate from the stupid solar term article. So to search it in Chinese Wikipedia, u need to input 小寒 (填詞人) to get that article. This chinese coding a bit complicating so I gave up on the linkages. (N my chinese essay writing like 詞窮 like dat. paiseh arh)

XH, hope u like it. N apologies to the 2nd batch for INTRUDING LIKE TERRORISTS into ur class.

Ok pictures..

(Almost) All the future pian-jiakers

Ahem Ahem... hehehhe

N to the pioneer batch of pian-jiakers. Woot! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

*cs, paiseh lah, jus reached home*

And I'm watching this space

And hey hey guys,
I am watching this space.. still.. yes, frequently.
It is good to see you guys growing and improving.. so please keep those lyrics coming.. FM still has plenty of space for writers.