Saturday, December 30, 2006

Indie Jap

My friend intro me to this indie Jap composer... I find the melody has very strong hua mian gan... Kinda heavy and sorrowful for some... =) But heh man let your emotions and imagination flow~

Anyway how's everyone doing recently? Any new works to share? Been having some weird ideas on and off, but no motivation to pen down cos no good melody.. and no good way of weaving them together... too haphazard and all over... so I guess I will just continue to write down on my very messy piece of foolscap. =) Till then....

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


I am a lazy student. But Xiaohan laoshi encouraged me to try to be active on this blog. Ay ... okie ... share with all of you my personal collection, written 6 months ago !!!



第二次遇见你 我却没勇气去面对

不小心听见 你轻轻叫他一声宝贝



Monday, December 25, 2006

Love virus spreads


改編自 莫文蔚(SLOWLY)
作詞:陳綺貞 作曲:林暐哲
改編詞 : 陸毅為

verse1:愛情的病菌 迅速靠進我身體
破壞專著的神精 讓我無法 看清楚

愛情的病菌 真的走 進我心裡
慢慢逼進心臟裡 慢慢屏住我呼吸
慢慢讓我覺得 再 也 透不過氣

chorus:曾經試著忘記你 愛情讓我病毒殘身
任何解藥都無法把 病 毒停住
曾經試著看清楚 你的離開讓我無助
是否愛情就這樣把我 陷入寂寞的痛苦

verse2:愛情的病菌 無法抵 抗的威力
破壞所有的 主力 絕對無情的 勇氣

愛情的病菌 無法醫 治的毒癮
已經侵略我身體 已經讓我心跳停止
已經讓我真的 永遠 忘 記你
已經這樣真的 永遠 忘 記你

FM Showcase

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It's a reunion for all of us from the first batch... Everyone appeared and it's great seeing everyone again. But we are missing someone. *sob sob*

Anyway... here's wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Welcome Funkie Monkies Productions Newest lyricist

Let's have a round of applause for Nicole Chen, our newest FM lyricist!

I have to sign her, guys from my first batch will agree.. right?


Happy Birthday!~

Paiseh arhh.. for not informing u to put on makeup. But thats the point of our TOP SECRET MISSION! Hehe.

Here's ur presents from FM08/06L + Wendy.

English Wiki Article

If u search for xiaohan and get the solar term page, pls click the disambiguation link. It'll bring u to another page with other uses of xiaohan and from there u can link to this page. Anyway the one on top is the direct link. Searching with XiaoHan (exact capitalization)will bring u direct.

Chinese Wiki Article

This chinese one to get the exact article from the search engine a bit tricky. Cos I cant capitalise chinese characters, I have to add more words behind to differentiate from the stupid solar term article. So to search it in Chinese Wikipedia, u need to input 小寒 (填詞人) to get that article. This chinese coding a bit complicating so I gave up on the linkages. (N my chinese essay writing like 詞窮 like dat. paiseh arh)

XH, hope u like it. N apologies to the 2nd batch for INTRUDING LIKE TERRORISTS into ur class.

Ok pictures..

(Almost) All the future pian-jiakers

Ahem Ahem... hehehhe

N to the pioneer batch of pian-jiakers. Woot! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

*cs, paiseh lah, jus reached home*

And I'm watching this space

And hey hey guys,
I am watching this space.. still.. yes, frequently.
It is good to see you guys growing and improving.. so please keep those lyrics coming.. FM still has plenty of space for writers.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Good Outing

It's a good outing today. And paiseh, I did not protect the candle fire, hehehe.

Nic, waiting for your input of that wikipedia link.
CY, I will try arranging another karaoke session. I will post here or email you all the timing.
JY, I will pay you tomorrow.

And ah, thank you Wendy.
For whoever from 2nd batch and reading this, nice to know you all, though we are not really "knowing' each others.......

BEST Birthday party EVER!

Today, after my lyrics class, Wendy, Nicole, Jieying, Choon Yen, Cheng Sun and Yiwei came into the classroom... with a birthday cake! and lots and lots of present.

Frankly, I have had birthday parties before, but not quite like this..

Not quite as a teacher, for 2 batches of students..
There was no song and no forest of candles, as they knew that that will make me uncomfortable.. but everyone hung around, smiling, laughing.. long after the cake and drinks were gone..

I never thought that my students will like me enough to buy me cakes and presents, and what you are going to see next..

Put my name in Wikipedia

Yes, Wikipedia. The next time you google, type Xiao-Han wikipedia, you will see my profile, my lifestory, my lists of works etc etc on the webpage. There is a version is Chinese too.

How cool is that? It beats all awards and nominations one could get, as a lyricist.. not the materialistic aspect, but because this present is from my very own students. They said: Vincent Fang (Fang Wenshan) has one, why shouldn't you?

It's good that I have a good drainage system my my tear ducts, for at that moment, cameras were all pointing at my eyes, waiting to see me cry, I did. Actually, if you had observed carefully..I am really touched for words..

Thank you SO SO much.. guys and gals..for the recognition and the love. You really made my day.

PS. Thanks to Vivienne for the Tshirt you especially brought from Shanghai for me. It fits me just nice.
For people who are interested in unique limited edition clothings, please visit, ok?

And thanks to Yiwei for the speaker. So thoughtful of you. You must have remembered the ugly computer speakers that I was using. I will use it from next lesson onwards. Thanks for buying me something so appropriate and expensive, even at difficult times like this.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

FM Pop Music School is having a Christmas Party+ Showcase 24 Dec 2006 12 pm

Hi students of Xiaohan's lyrics class (past and present),

FM Pop Music School is having a Christmas Party+ Showcase this coming
Sunday afternoon from 1200-1600, and most importantly, you are

5 reasons why you should come

1) Free Music:
Our singing class students are going to put up their annual
showcase on that day and you are going to enjoy the lovely singing of
these future idols, without having to pay a fee... simply becoz you are
part of FM Pop Music School

2) Free Lunch:
Needless to say, we are providing lunch please RSVP if you are
coming by this friday ok. You can bring along your spouse if you want.
Just let me know the numbers

Yes, our new school is renovated and ready for use. So if you come,
you get to tour around our future classroom.. a place that we call our
very own. The party is going to be held there. The venue is the next
building (Chia Phong building 7th floor).

4) Get to know the previous/next batch of students:
Then you can gossip about me amongst yourselves la.. haha

5) Get to network:
If you go, you can get to meet the students of the lyrics class,
melody class and singing class. See the advantage? Yes, you can pair
up and write songs and get someone to sing your demo for you too! Why
not right?

Anyway, it is afternoon, so no one needs to rush for church right?
And it's Christmas eve, no one needs to rush for work right?
So.. no excuses! See you there!

Date: 24 Dec 2006 Sunday
Time: 1200-1600
Venue: 110 Middle Road, Chiat Hong Building, 7th floor


Monday, December 18, 2006




C 我明白 妳不安 因為妳心有我在
笑起來 手放開 天塌下我也在

V1 暖暖地下午好平靜
忽然間電話響起 聽來很著急 不祥的感應
V2 天空中飄來了烏雲
電話聲還是沒聽 我還在猶豫 我該不該聽?

擔心QUEEN 很甜蜜 又覺得壓力
我明白 妳不安 因為妳心有我在
笑起來 手放開 天塌下我也在



Sunday, December 17, 2006

no name

原創曲: 失憶
唱: 粱靜茹
改編詞: 燕



我在你感情中盤旋 永遠都回不到地面
誓言在零碎 散落一地要該如何撿回
你的冷靜平淡字眼 卻簡單透露一切
沸騰的心也會冷卻 我不要的抱歉

原來愛你早就超出了界限 放開也要勇氣再多一點
瀟灑面對怎麼都學不會 寧願痛在另邊廂不斷徘徊

原來愛過像到了末端季節 總會讓人惋惜它曾經完美
你迫不及 等下季的轉變 攤開雙手迎接
而我始終 還在原點

* no title for this song ...*

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Sad Story


改編自 林俊傑 [會有那麼一天]
作詞:張思爾 作曲:林俊傑 編曲:屠穎
改編詞: 陸毅為 

verse1: 拿起cd 想起了你

當時的你 為我愛的cd

chorus: 就算這場車禍 讓我們分隔兩界 請別為我而傷心
我的愛 還存在 仍在你的心懷

只要你能得到幸福 就算讓我們分隔兩地
擦干濕濕的淚滴 請別為我而傷心

verse2: 含著淚水 把你扶起

無力的手 給我c d
疲憊不堪的 你
請別睡 覺

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


改編自周杰倫 [亂舞春秋]

作詞:方文山 作曲:周杰倫 編曲:鍾興民
改編詞: 你可曾

把時間翻過來 幾十個朝代 鋼鐵換木柴
繁華城市在一瞬間變城寨 分派
民間百姓被滿腦女色的元帥 主宰
後宮姘婦聯成一排 沒一個認出來

看看看那女皇帝掛帥 ㄎ一ㄥ ㄎ一ㄥ ㄎ一ㄤ ㄎ一ㄤ
湯被打翻 喝一碗粥
好像變成布袋人玩于手中 抓住把柄控制它左右 
照著獨自編導的劇本 擺布著朝廷鬚眉 們兒

期盼 我等著演員 上場 華麗的服裝
拆穿 奸臣的模樣 下場 到底會怎樣

宣言 堅定意念把一個個踢出殿
殲滅 誰也不認誰 朕是媽誰是爹
啦啦啦啦啦 啦啦啦

雙手擺動朝廷紀律 左右掌控百姓庶民
黑白片還沒被發明 空白的墓碑隨想像發揮  
雙眼模糊朝廷關係 傀儡滿街我數不清
照片還沒拿去沖洗 還好有布袋戲我看仔細

二聖雙制裁 二十四連載 建言十二載
惡心婦人怪 玩牌都不按理出牌
兒女們都被陷害 阿彌陀佛善哉
守到西方燕歸來布袋戲就被替代 唉

放下屠刀 崇高得道 削薄賦徭 市民溫飽
修復路道 陞官財到 老子言道 你要聽好

九玄眷命三聖基隆 (放下屠刀 崇高得道)
奉成先旨明台畢功 (削薄賦徭 市民溫飽)
宗祀展敬冀表深衷 (修復路道 陞官財到)
永昌帝業式播淳風 (老子言道 你要聽好)
九玄眷命三聖基隆 奉成先旨明台畢功
宗祀展敬冀表深衷 永昌帝業式播淳風

[電話鈴聲響起][喂 我在看布袋戲 等一下就回來 拜拜]

放下屠刀 崇高得道 (雙手擺動朝廷紀律)
放下屠刀 崇高得道 (左右掌控百姓庶民)
削薄賦徭 市民溫飽 (黑白片還沒被發明)
削薄賦徭 市民溫飽 (空白的墓碑隨想像發揮)
修復路道 陞官財到 (雙眼模糊朝廷關係)
修復路道 陞官財到 (傀儡滿街我數不清)
老子言道 你要聽好 (照片還沒拿去沖洗)
老子言道 你要聽好 (還好有布袋戲我看仔細)

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Batch 2 Lesson 2

So anyone attended today's session? How did it go? And did Wendy sit in for further wu-ze-tian-ing?

Haha... cs apologies for opening a new thread with such a stale idea... gai bian thread.. but i am not paying any royalties. =P

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

A Picture That Speaks A Trillion Words

Pioneer Batch FM0806/L

Open your eyes big big! This is class FM0806/L !

This picture holds not a thousand but a trillion words, because this is a picture of lyricists with brains for beautiful descriptions of words that brings you through a journey of feelings!

If only you got a pair of X-ray eyes that can scan the beautiful minds of these people! The Art Of LYRICISM! Amazing!

Saturday, December 2, 2006

How's new class?

How is the new class huh?
Was thinking to go sit in, but today got sicked..... sianz half when I got headache in the morning and start sneezing......

Think it will be another batch of wonderful people...... (like that i kind of saying ourselves are wonderful hoh? hahahaha)

Friday, December 1, 2006

The Music Makers of FM0806/L

Greetings FM0806/L,

This is my first post in this blog, and yeah it is in English, by now you should know the standard of my "mother tongue" , paiseh!

After reading all the lyrics here, I felt inspired to brush up on my chinese, and I am in the process of learning, all these, I have you to thank for.

“One of the hardest things in life is having words in your heart that you can't utter.”
James Earl Jones quotes

I truely admire you peeps being able to express your thoughts through the beauty of our chinese characters, and each word and every lyrics written here is amazing!

Sounds, Music and Lyrics are subjective topics and everyone is entitled to their own opinions, no matter good or bad. But always remember.. we, yes we speak in one Universal language and that is Music, for we are the music makers (no matter what role you play in)

"We are the Music Makers. and we are the Dreamers of Dreams."
Roald Dahl quoted in Charlie & the Chocolate factory

Music and Lyrics written from the heart has magical effects on the Soul.

"You Are the Music, While the Music Last."
T.S.Eliot quotes

Keep the beautiful words rolling! Cheerios!