Monday, May 14, 2007

FM Pop Music School OPEN HOUSE

Hi All,
Another Open House is coming up next week! 26th and 27th May. Opening hours 11 am- 5 pm.

Friends who are interested in what we are doing or what courses we are offering, you can come to FM Pop Music School
110 Middle Road, Chiat Hong Building, 7th floor.
Number to call is 63320731.
Our location is actually opposite NAFA, and across the road from TCC cafe of Bugis Junction (Fish n co. and Jap restaurants).
Look out for a THIS fashion, walk along the building, you will see one newly renovated "Chiat Hong" building. Press "7" and you can see our yellow signboard.
If you have nothing to do but loiter in Bugis Junction, why not come 0ver to our Open House and get inspired by us? Maybe music is your new found love?