Thursday, November 23, 2006

Roll Call

Ok since now we have all the 1st batch-er in, I shall do a roll call to identify who is who.

1st Batch-ers
leaf - Yet
J.瑩 - Jie Ying
chengsun - Cheng Sun
choonyen - Choon Yen
horizons - Yong Li
秘密花园 - Vivienne
yiwei - Yi Wei
白風 - Nicole

小寒 - Xiaohan
Cookiss99 - Wendy
隱形人 - Invisible Fella

Haha. 隱形人 is actually a separate entity used to create this blog. It is like what it means, INVISIBLE!! (But able to write posts occasionally..) So dun ask liao lah..

Yup you can change your display name by going to Dashboard - Edit Profile (at the right side), then scroll down to change the display name. Can put chinese also like what the few of us had done.

*diffusing back into the air*

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