Sunday, December 24, 2006


Happy Birthday!~

Paiseh arhh.. for not informing u to put on makeup. But thats the point of our TOP SECRET MISSION! Hehe.

Here's ur presents from FM08/06L + Wendy.

English Wiki Article

If u search for xiaohan and get the solar term page, pls click the disambiguation link. It'll bring u to another page with other uses of xiaohan and from there u can link to this page. Anyway the one on top is the direct link. Searching with XiaoHan (exact capitalization)will bring u direct.

Chinese Wiki Article

This chinese one to get the exact article from the search engine a bit tricky. Cos I cant capitalise chinese characters, I have to add more words behind to differentiate from the stupid solar term article. So to search it in Chinese Wikipedia, u need to input 小寒 (填詞人) to get that article. This chinese coding a bit complicating so I gave up on the linkages. (N my chinese essay writing like 詞窮 like dat. paiseh arh)

XH, hope u like it. N apologies to the 2nd batch for INTRUDING LIKE TERRORISTS into ur class.

Ok pictures..

(Almost) All the future pian-jiakers

Ahem Ahem... hehehhe

N to the pioneer batch of pian-jiakers. Woot! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

*cs, paiseh lah, jus reached home*


Cookiss99 said...

You definitely deserve to be up on Wikipedia.. and your new disciple (Nicole) is called Nikipedia.. so wad do you expect? hahah..

All thanks to Nicole and JY.. they did up the whole thing.. supergirls sial!

白風 said...

Everyone helped lah.. in some way or another..

J.瑩 said...

Yeah... and Wendy is the idea gal! Kudos Wendy!