Saturday, December 30, 2006

Indie Jap

My friend intro me to this indie Jap composer... I find the melody has very strong hua mian gan... Kinda heavy and sorrowful for some... =) But heh man let your emotions and imagination flow~

Anyway how's everyone doing recently? Any new works to share? Been having some weird ideas on and off, but no motivation to pen down cos no good melody.. and no good way of weaving them together... too haphazard and all over... so I guess I will just continue to write down on my very messy piece of foolscap. =) Till then....


chengsun said...

we go karaoke and u dun want go, very not give face leh

白風 said...

Somehow I dunno y JY's post din show up. Unless in my half-sleep condition i rejected it..

Anyway, here's the comment she posted since last yr...

J.瑩 has left a new comment on your post "Indie Jap":

Reckon you guys are at KTV now. Haha so sorry, been out almost whole day yest and today.. kinda tiring. And honestly I don't really go ktv [that's why till now nvr carry out any stalking plans haha... *wink* to wendy and nicole], rather stay at home strum and sing to myself? Lousy skills and horrible singing but haha it's just so typical of ms zi ji shuang?! And yes Xiaohan was right about me. I don't really have a night life. Basically I am just a shu dai zi or an old lady trapped in an underaged body. Promise I'd try my best to make it for the next session [if there is] if the time is good. Till then... enjoy~

Posted by J.瑩 to XiaoHan Lyrics Blog at December 31, 2006 7:20:00 PM SGT