Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Hope 2007 will be a big bang!

Hey everyone, this is the first time I am writing in this blog after it has started for 2 mths i think. Feeling terribly guilty and apologetic. It is not because I have forgotten your or my interest for writing lyrics but I was consumed or drowned by the things I have to settle every day ever since I came back from Shanghai. so seems like I m not alone after reading Xiaohan's recent entry.

As ur may know, I m selling imported stuff mainly the limited edition designer tees. I have not rested trying to liase with Shanghai, arranging for delivery(cos they dont do delivery), then getting and running the pushcart in Dec. And now I am importing new stock for cny and Vday. Recently, I just managed to convince a shop to sell my tees on consignment as selling thru frens is really too slow. The shop Joey & Jan is located in Marina Square(#03-221) and the (#03-1092, 1094)shops above the New market beside Chinatown OG. Currently selling only at Chinatown, but will sell also in Marina when new stock arrive end of this month. So do drop by if your free la. Just to look see lor and give me feedback..hee.. But there is definitely more ex as their commission is exorbitant..

I ordered 200 pieces for the new arrival and it is really a risk for me even though I believe in their appeal. Sometimes I wish I can ask someone advice on how to run a business. Really not easy dealing with these shrewd businessmen esp the Shanghai people. sigh..many times have to eat humble pie and "beg" them since I m a nobody now with no backing. Most of the time, they will give me 1001 limitations + conditions. really stressed when negotiating with these big guys sometimes. But I tell myself I have to take every chance to learn and gain experience and live life to the fullest. So on top of that, m also working full time and recently writingfor mags and some freelance assignments. So I can get more capital! Sleeping like 4-5hrs a day. Even my bf is complaining.

So so I know I still owe Xiaohan's laoshi lyrics to the song which she sent on xmas. Ah.. Xiaohan, pls dont be disappointed. I will write after this month when I get a breather. I have not "disconnect" from mandopop cos I still buy chinese cds to listen and look out for xh's lyrics and got many lyrics ideas in my head just no time to put it down. Sorry if this sounds like some ranting, but reading and writing this blog makes me feel at home. And i hope 2007 will be a big bang for everyone! Btw, thanks to all those who bought from me and help me in 1 way or other. Thanks Xiaohan for graciously allowing me "free advertising" by linking my blogshop to here and appreciate everyone's support :) ktv soon again ok?

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