Monday, May 21, 2007

Mypaper Sat 19/5

If you have read the MyPaper article last Sat, good for you
If you haven't, go to I was in a part of an article regarding patriotism.
Here's my true 2 cents worth that the reporter couldn't publish:

I am no SPG, I am an "SBG"- Singapore Born Girl
I don't fancy "AMs" (refer to hair colour)
I am a proud Singaporean, because I am proud and I am Singaporean.
However I do love Singapore.
No one has taught or forced or brain-washed me. I just do.
Especially when I have travelled to so many "AM" countries, only to realised that "AMs" call us Chinese for mockery
because Chinese= Chin (Qing dynasty) +Nees (A type of worm)

Ignorant AMs men thinks that
1) All Chinese Men know KungFu
2) All Chinese Women are dying to sleep with them
3) All Chinese are dying to stay in their countries
4) All Chinese food are made up of black Wanton and Fried Rice/Noodles

Therefore, I love Singapore. I love Singaporeans who love Singapore.
Because I am kiasu and kiasi. Because I am yellow but speaks Singlish.
Because we have the most sinful, oily spicy delicious food in the world.
Because we can wear slippers and shorts all year round.
Because we have the moral ethics of Asians (eg hardworking) but speaks the "AM" language, hence we can compete with them in whatever we do.
We only have 4 million people and a very very short history.
Look at our global standing in terms of finance and economy and technology and even arts.

Don't always think that the moon is rounder on the "AM" side.
Moon is truly nothing but a reflection of the Sun.

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chengsun said...

I salute you 小寒老师.
Any plan to have 2nd oe 3rd baby? U gotto be 多产报国!