Friday, August 24, 2007

Took A Picture With The Mother

Hello! Everyone! Long time no see!

Just went to Dragonfly for the 881 Live Music, and I saw Xiaohan after so long! She is so pretty!!!! I have to take a picture with her!

You know why I call Xiaohan, The Mother? Ok think Yogurt & Apple Cider Vinegar, these two health benificial food needs an original source (The Mother) to be cultured with the fresh ingredients in order to produce Yogurt & Apple Cider Vinegar!

Likewise in the Lyrics world, we need "a mother" to culture the lyricists to write out lyrics that are beneficial to our souls!

Long Live Mother Xiaohan!!


leaf said...

The Mother has to look pretty once in a while ... so that to electrify The Father and keep him on toe that she still has charm ... Hahaha !!!

白風 said...

hmmm... [strike]pretty[/strike]prettIER


Cookiss99 said...

hoho I wrote somemore, pls read why i call Xiaohan,The Mother

燕の语 said...

真的让我们眼前一亮 ^^

chengsun said...

She is always pretty what......

leaf said...

wow ... chengsun, so sweet your comments ... waaaahaaaa ...

小寒 said...

WAHAHAHA. Kena Shocked when I open the blog.. Whose eyes staring at me??? Who Who... Me!

Thanks my dear Cookiss for th photo!
So long never see you! Miss you!
And Thanks to you all guys and gals for your kind words! Sob**

Never been so dolled up in my life!

Many million thanks to HairPlan, who took so much trouble in making my volumeless lifeless hair into something so spunky yet girlie!

And to Make Up artiste - Red Ngoh who managed to make me look 20 years younger in just 15 mins! and Where have all the pimples gone??
You are amazing!

Cookiss99 said...

Yah CS is right, XH is always pretty with or without make-over!

Will I be as attractive as XH when I grow up? :p

Long Live beautiful Mother!