Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Third FM Pop Music School Showcase

Hi All
There will be a showcase featuring works and talents from the departments of Vocal, Melody-composing and Lyrics-writing class.
Lyrics students from the 4th batch should have received your song by now.
Deadline will be Mid September
And the FM showcase will be held somewhere in October 2008.

Details coming up.
Watch this space!



leaf said...

Finally !!! Yeah !!!

I volunteer to do lyrics booklet !!!


Hhgxlime said...


What's the lyrics booklet...?

Wu Qi here by the way...^_^

leaf said...

oh, it is like the booklet found in CD album with all the credit and lyrics inside.

Hhgxlime said...

Got it...' ~ '

But why is it only 3rd Showcase...?
I thought there's several batches of students already...? =X

leaf said...

Ask Xiaohan Lao Shi ... I also lost count liao .. haaa.

I think melody class not so many classes coz it is 6 months courses.

Wu Qi .. u r?