Tuesday, December 12, 2006


改編自周杰倫 [亂舞春秋]

作詞:方文山 作曲:周杰倫 編曲:鍾興民
改編詞: 你可曾

把時間翻過來 幾十個朝代 鋼鐵換木柴
繁華城市在一瞬間變城寨 分派
民間百姓被滿腦女色的元帥 主宰
後宮姘婦聯成一排 沒一個認出來

看看看那女皇帝掛帥 ㄎ一ㄥ ㄎ一ㄥ ㄎ一ㄤ ㄎ一ㄤ
湯被打翻 喝一碗粥
好像變成布袋人玩于手中 抓住把柄控制它左右 
照著獨自編導的劇本 擺布著朝廷鬚眉 們兒

期盼 我等著演員 上場 華麗的服裝
拆穿 奸臣的模樣 下場 到底會怎樣

宣言 堅定意念把一個個踢出殿
殲滅 誰也不認誰 朕是媽誰是爹
啦啦啦啦啦 啦啦啦

雙手擺動朝廷紀律 左右掌控百姓庶民
黑白片還沒被發明 空白的墓碑隨想像發揮  
雙眼模糊朝廷關係 傀儡滿街我數不清
照片還沒拿去沖洗 還好有布袋戲我看仔細

二聖雙制裁 二十四連載 建言十二載
惡心婦人怪 玩牌都不按理出牌
兒女們都被陷害 阿彌陀佛善哉
守到西方燕歸來布袋戲就被替代 唉

放下屠刀 崇高得道 削薄賦徭 市民溫飽
修復路道 陞官財到 老子言道 你要聽好

九玄眷命三聖基隆 (放下屠刀 崇高得道)
奉成先旨明台畢功 (削薄賦徭 市民溫飽)
宗祀展敬冀表深衷 (修復路道 陞官財到)
永昌帝業式播淳風 (老子言道 你要聽好)
九玄眷命三聖基隆 奉成先旨明台畢功
宗祀展敬冀表深衷 永昌帝業式播淳風

[電話鈴聲響起][喂 我在看布袋戲 等一下就回來 拜拜]

放下屠刀 崇高得道 (雙手擺動朝廷紀律)
放下屠刀 崇高得道 (左右掌控百姓庶民)
削薄賦徭 市民溫飽 (黑白片還沒被發明)
削薄賦徭 市民溫飽 (空白的墓碑隨想像發揮)
修復路道 陞官財到 (雙眼模糊朝廷關係)
修復路道 陞官財到 (傀儡滿街我數不清)
老子言道 你要聽好 (照片還沒拿去沖洗)
老子言道 你要聽好 (還好有布袋戲我看仔細)


chengsun said...

Sounds intersting, this must be the WUZETIAN. A few parts puzzle me.
The v1, it should be about a male emperor who is a cheekopek right? got lots of 2nd, 3rd, ect neh right? Then how come suddently in v2 it became the female emperor liao? Or the female is actually the one who is performing the puppet show? That's why she controls everyones destiny in the show?
It takes me quite sometimes to digest it...... and understand why cookies would say it is chim...... just my opinion, it is kind of not very tight.

白風 said...

this freaking song is 600 words long... =.="

yup i oso realised its not tight, cos i'm trying to fuse 2 elements together.. puppet show n wzt's life story.. kind of fail..

yeah.. v1 is abt the flirtatious emperors b4 wzt comes in.. aka introduction..

v2 is where wzt comes in.. 2nd line is the overthrowing of Tang dynasty n building of Zhou dynasty. N yup, wzt is the puppet master.

v3 is back to the puppet show.. where the singer is the audience..

v4 (argh so many verses) is where the court officials try to "por" wzt..

chorus (finally) fusing both..

v5 (i dunno wat to call this already..) is abt the time when wzt n the 2nd hubby (i think) ruled Tang dynasty together, killed the kids, blah blah.. n threw in a line of the downfall of puppet shows with western influences.

v6 summary of the 12 "commandments" she made..

v7 is HER poem. I got lazy here already.

v8.. end liao.. kekkeke.

Yup this is a bad example of having TOO MANY concepts = the whole thing becomes loose.

n confusing. Hehe.

Cookiss99 said...

Cheemology sial... Wu Ze-tian-ing ... I dun understand leh.. how sial.. explain!!!!