Saturday, December 9, 2006

Batch 2 Lesson 2

So anyone attended today's session? How did it go? And did Wendy sit in for further wu-ze-tian-ing?

Haha... cs apologies for opening a new thread with such a stale idea... gai bian thread.. but i am not paying any royalties. =P


白風 said...

there wasnt any lessons today lah.. but lucky u din go oso.. *grins*

the wu ze tianing.. HAHHAHHAHA.. she going seow over it already..

Cookiss99 said...

Yes ah J, this "white wind" making me seow... her level of chinese ah, can excel my whole life time of chinese, I am still trying to read what this girl write. One word to describe - CHEEMOLOGY!

白風 said...

Marketing rule no. 1

If u cant convince.. CONFUSE!!


J.瑩 said...

Haha... looks like you gals are having fun. That's good! Haha... Happy Wu-Ze-Tian-ing