Wednesday, December 20, 2006

FM Pop Music School is having a Christmas Party+ Showcase 24 Dec 2006 12 pm

Hi students of Xiaohan's lyrics class (past and present),

FM Pop Music School is having a Christmas Party+ Showcase this coming
Sunday afternoon from 1200-1600, and most importantly, you are

5 reasons why you should come

1) Free Music:
Our singing class students are going to put up their annual
showcase on that day and you are going to enjoy the lovely singing of
these future idols, without having to pay a fee... simply becoz you are
part of FM Pop Music School

2) Free Lunch:
Needless to say, we are providing lunch please RSVP if you are
coming by this friday ok. You can bring along your spouse if you want.
Just let me know the numbers

Yes, our new school is renovated and ready for use. So if you come,
you get to tour around our future classroom.. a place that we call our
very own. The party is going to be held there. The venue is the next
building (Chia Phong building 7th floor).

4) Get to know the previous/next batch of students:
Then you can gossip about me amongst yourselves la.. haha

5) Get to network:
If you go, you can get to meet the students of the lyrics class,
melody class and singing class. See the advantage? Yes, you can pair
up and write songs and get someone to sing your demo for you too! Why
not right?

Anyway, it is afternoon, so no one needs to rush for church right?
And it's Christmas eve, no one needs to rush for work right?
So.. no excuses! See you there!

Date: 24 Dec 2006 Sunday
Time: 1200-1600
Venue: 110 Middle Road, Chiat Hong Building, 7th floor



chengsun said...

Can celebrate for you also woh......
By the way, so we need to inform Wendy of our attendance is it?

小寒 said...

Hey, just need to email me back whether you are coming or not.. Nicole and ZiJiShuang are coming. So far 2 new students are coming also.

白風 said...

hahhha.. gah gi song!
dat can be ur pen nick liao leh.. cya there~

yiwei said...

Ya man count me in man .

J.瑩 said...

Haha... aiyah dun want this kind of pen name lah... so unclass, not like 你可曾 so nice. bwahahaha.... anyway I think quite a number of people misled by my other nick also which is purely for internet stuff.

Yupz see all of ya... =P Cheers

Cookiss99 said...

haha enjoy urself peepz! Its gonna be fun!

chengsun said...

Xiaohan laoshi, you never told us got gift exchange leh...
Think we made the hosts a bit paiseh when all of us suddenly just left the room when they started the gift exchange part... evil us... haha