Saturday, December 23, 2006

BEST Birthday party EVER!

Today, after my lyrics class, Wendy, Nicole, Jieying, Choon Yen, Cheng Sun and Yiwei came into the classroom... with a birthday cake! and lots and lots of present.

Frankly, I have had birthday parties before, but not quite like this..

Not quite as a teacher, for 2 batches of students..
There was no song and no forest of candles, as they knew that that will make me uncomfortable.. but everyone hung around, smiling, laughing.. long after the cake and drinks were gone..

I never thought that my students will like me enough to buy me cakes and presents, and what you are going to see next..

Put my name in Wikipedia

Yes, Wikipedia. The next time you google, type Xiao-Han wikipedia, you will see my profile, my lifestory, my lists of works etc etc on the webpage. There is a version is Chinese too.

How cool is that? It beats all awards and nominations one could get, as a lyricist.. not the materialistic aspect, but because this present is from my very own students. They said: Vincent Fang (Fang Wenshan) has one, why shouldn't you?

It's good that I have a good drainage system my my tear ducts, for at that moment, cameras were all pointing at my eyes, waiting to see me cry, I did. Actually, if you had observed carefully..I am really touched for words..

Thank you SO SO much.. guys and gals..for the recognition and the love. You really made my day.

PS. Thanks to Vivienne for the Tshirt you especially brought from Shanghai for me. It fits me just nice.
For people who are interested in unique limited edition clothings, please visit, ok?

And thanks to Yiwei for the speaker. So thoughtful of you. You must have remembered the ugly computer speakers that I was using. I will use it from next lesson onwards. Thanks for buying me something so appropriate and expensive, even at difficult times like this.


yiwei said...

Hey xiaohan laoshi ,
the speaker not very ex also la haha . Ya this speaker will come in handly for you during teaching time . Because you can either plug in the Usb of your laptop for power or use batts to power up . Plug in the input jack into your laptop phone slot. Switch on the power behind the speaker and adjust the volume from behind the speaker itself . Most important must max the volume from your laptop and control the volume from the speaker itself. Cheers.

chengsun said...

"Plug in the input jack into your laptop phone slot"?
I thought it is to plug the input into the soundcard output slot?