Saturday, December 23, 2006

Good Outing

It's a good outing today. And paiseh, I did not protect the candle fire, hehehe.

Nic, waiting for your input of that wikipedia link.
CY, I will try arranging another karaoke session. I will post here or email you all the timing.
JY, I will pay you tomorrow.

And ah, thank you Wendy.
For whoever from 2nd batch and reading this, nice to know you all, though we are not really "knowing' each others.......


Cookiss99 said...

Cheng Sun! Thank you too manz! It has been great knowing you.. you are such a nice person!

J.瑩 said...

aiyoh i din ask you for payment leh.. you make me sound like loan shark.

It's good meeting everyone again! =)