Wednesday, December 6, 2006

A Picture That Speaks A Trillion Words

Pioneer Batch FM0806/L

Open your eyes big big! This is class FM0806/L !

This picture holds not a thousand but a trillion words, because this is a picture of lyricists with brains for beautiful descriptions of words that brings you through a journey of feelings!

If only you got a pair of X-ray eyes that can scan the beautiful minds of these people! The Art Of LYRICISM! Amazing!


白風 said...

cannot sleep again arh?

ehh.. i deleted the other duplicated post.

chengsun said...

You like that said I paiseh leh....

Cookiss99 said...

白風 - hehe, I know the clever you would delete the unwanted post. Sorry abt it coz I dont knoe where to go to delete tt post. Thankz!

CS - No need paiseh leh, I shd be paiseh.. coz your cheena better den my cheena ... *sobz*

A-Min said...

I envy the group so much~The picture looks great!^_^"

Cookiss99 said...

a-min - You dont have to envy the group! Just use your imagination and pen it down! Check this blog often and read the lyrics of these people! Good luck!

A-Min said...

Thanks for your suggestion~In fact,I always dream of becoming a lyrics writer.I always keep writing lyrics.
I envy the group because you have the same dream,and you can work hard on a common goal.It's a different feeling!
But I'll be harder and harder~^_^