Wednesday, February 21, 2007


看过有人说"Happy 猪 Year", "猪你新年快乐", ect, 可是真正让我领教到 "什么是创艺?" 的, 是把猪年称为"pork year"!
你们应该知道是从哪里看到的吧... Please MOE, lias with FM, let FM show your primary kids what "Creative Writing" means!

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hermitzzz said...

hi.erm,this is going t be very random.but i'm desperate and this is the only avenue i noe of.i wanna ask abt FM's courses.but their inbox is full and no one is replying any of my emails sent thru e FM mainpage.can anyone gimme the contact number of FM school?so tt i can ask abt the courses.thanks a million