Friday, February 23, 2007

FM Pop Music School courses

Hi Hermitzzz,
Thanks for leaving your comments here.
First my apologies for the MIA reply from our admin mailbox. Probably too full with people trying to send us their demo MP3s. Will let our admin know about it.
What is the course you are interested in? We have
1) Vocal class: conducted by Tang Yuxuan, a very established vocal teacher who can groom your voice while teaching you how to protect it..
2) Melody class: conducted by Eric Ng (Huang Yunren) and Jim Lim (Lin Qiyu aka Lin Yixin). This is a 6 months course, which will train you into writing hits after hits.
3) Lyrics class: conducted by Xiaohan (Thatz me). This will be a 4 month course, which will train you on techniques as to how to write graphic, yet touching lyrics
4) Speech and Stage performance: conducted by Danny Yeo (Yang Jun Wei, celebrity host/DJ). He will teach you how to present yourself on stage and in real life, to make you appear as a more charismatic person
5) Guitar class: conducted by Edwin Sim
6) Keyboard class: conducted by Ang Weiquan and Yingying

Details of each course can be found on

The current batches of the melody and lyrics classes are coming to an end. The next batch will start soon. So if you are interested, drop me a mail.


hermitzzz said...

wa!i got a shock when i saw a post for me.haha.受宠若惊!anyway, erm,i hate t admit this but i have no idea how t drop you an email.hee.but i'm interested in either the vocal class or your lyrics class.heh.maybe you can drop me an email at or over at my blog.thanks a lot!

chengsun said...

actually u can attend both together.... there is no conflict......

小寒 said...

you can email me at